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OpenColorIO (OCIO) enables color transforms and image display to be handled in a consistent manner across multiple graphics applications. Unlike other color management solutions, OCIO is geared towards motion-picture post production, with an emphasis on visual effects and animation color pipelines. OpenColorIO has been used since 2003 to address the challenges of working with multiple commercial image-processing applications that have different approaches to color management.

The OpenColorIO project includes a core C++ library (CPU and GPU), python bindings, and plug-in support for popular graphics applications. Example color profiles -- which have been used on released visual effects & animated motion-pictures -- are also included as references. But these profiles are merely a guide; as customization is an essential part of post-production, OCIO was developed with flexibility in mind. New profiles are easily created from the atomic operators common to post-production color processing (1D luts, 3D luts, HDR processing conversions, etc), and can then be used (and shared) just as easily as the included defaults.

By providing a unified color environment, OpenColorIO greatly simplifies the task of creating and validating multiple-application color workflows.